The Boxcar & Belvedere team is here to support vendors, we will answer questions and strive to help in any way we can. Please reach out at info@boxcarandbelvedere.com, or see if you can find your answer below.


• When will the marketplace be opening?

  The target is May 2021, and with buzz building quickly, spaces are not expected to last!

• What happens when I apply to become a vendor?
  You will be contacted by a member of the Box & Bel team and, upon approval, will be sent all agreement info toward completing the process.  Applying is not committing, just getting your foot in the door.
• What does it mean that the marketplace is “juried”?
  We are striving to create a truly special shopping experience by carefully curating a balanced vendor community. While application doesn’t guarantee acceptance we are committed to fitting in as many talented local artists and entrepreneurs as possible!
• Will I be able to design and set up my own space?
  Yes, please! Your creativity is everything, no one knows better how to present and showcase your products. 
• What if I need electricity?
  Electrical hook ups are available if needed, there may be additional cost involved.
• What about insurance?

  Vendors are encouraged to add the location to an existing policy or get their own crafters insurance if they don’t already have that coverage. It's affordable, and the Boxcar & Belvedere team can help if you need further info or guidance.

• What does the marketplace handle…and what’s expected of me as a vendor?
  Our team is designing and creating a vibrant, unique, artsy space as the foundation for the vendor community. We will be managing the marketplace, maintaining common areas, handling sales, promoting the shops, managing the website (including vendor profiles and online sales!) and providing bags/packaging supplies. Vendors are expected to keep their spaces well stocked, clean and attractively displayed; with their own signage. Vendors (or vendor staff members) are required to work one shift per month in the marketplace.