The Concept

Originally a Purina feed depot for Flemington Feed Co., the building that houses Boxcar & Belvedere has been part of the changing landscape of local industry and commerce from early on. After being reconstructed as a retail outlet in the 1980’s and enjoying the heyday of Flemington’s Liberty Village shopping outlet boom, the space is once again poised to play a key role in the latest neighborhood renaissance. As brick and mortar retail focuses on unique items not readily available online, the local art and artisan community is stepping into the spotlight, while diners and shoppers are looking for new experiences and destinations. History, arts, culture and commerce are uniquely blended in modern day Flemington, and Boxcar & Belvedere provides a perfect venue for the mix!

Our 4,500 square foot space accommodates nearly a hundred vendors in an open, bright, two story space. Designed with a nod to the industrial elements of it’s railroad past, the clean, modern, minimalist space is updated with innovation, bringing it into the times and putting the focus on our vendors. Whether a new retailer looking to incubate a great idea before taking the plunge with their own shop, an existing area shop owner ready to expand to another location but not ready for a high cost commitment; or an artist, craftsperson, collector or designer needing a showcase for their dream, the vendors of Box & Bel embody the marketplace community. 

Our marketplace consists of a variety of booths and shelving space, with vendors able to offer a small sampling of their wares or a fully stocked mini shop, and anything in between. Inspired by visits to area boutique markets, the vision is an eclectic mix of carefully curated offerings from local boutique retailers, artists, craftspeople, antique dealers, vintage collectors and more. We aim for a range of categories and price points, with a high standard of quality for all, and an enduring sense of admiration for the wealth of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in our part of the world!